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EPISODE #499: Kim Chi Spanks Sky Terrapin - 7 Minutes
Sky Terrapin welcomes a new roommate, Kim Chi. Kim is expecting to sleep in the bed, but there is only one bed and Sky explains that Kim will need to sleep on the couch. That is not what Kim agreed to. They will settle this by Sky taking a spanking from Kim in order to let Sky have the bed for the f... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #498: Eve Spanks Roommate Lexi - 9 Minutes
Eve is tired of how messy her roommate Lexi Holland is. When Lexi walks into her bedroom and just plops her clothes down on her bed while Eve is trying to read, that is the last straw. She teaches Lexi a valuable lesson with a hard spanking over her knee, even using a hairbrush on her bare bottom. L... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #497: Riley Spanks Madison - 10 Minutes
Riley Haze was spanked by her new roommate Madison Martin recently. Now when Madison cooking makes all their guests sick, Riley gets a chance at some big time payback. She puts Madison over her knee and spanks her curvy bottom as her buns peek through her short-shorts. Then she turns her bum bright ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #496: Sky Spanked Again - 12 Minutes
Lexi Holland already gave Sky Terrapin a spanking. But Sky wants Lexi to sign some paperwork absolving Sky from any wrong doing. Lexi will agree to sign the document if she can give Sky another spanking, on her already sore bottom. She puts Sky over her knee and uses her hand and paddle to teach Sky... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #495: Madison Spanks New Roommie Riley - 10 Minutes
Madison Martin accepts her new roommate, Riley Haze, but this includes an initiation, which Riley agrees to. A sound spanking over the knee. Riley reads the rules while she is receiving the spanking with hand, then brat paddle. Riley thinks some of the rules are a little on the wild side, but she re... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #494: Sky Spanks New Roommate Gigi - 14 Minutes
Sky Terrapin gets a new roommate in Gigi Lea, who has a nice curvy bottom that needs a breaking in spanking in which Gigi must read all of the rules while getting spanked. Sky is much taller and stronger and Gigi feels it on her red, sore bottom. Sky even uses a wooden paddle to show how serious she... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #493: Sky Spanked With Hairbrush - 10 Minutes
Sky Terrapin has caned Lexi Holland for a couple of reasons, including something that she did not do. When Sky visits Lexi again to apologize for the extra cane strokes that Lexi did not deserve, Lexi will only forgive Sky if she accepts an over the knee spanking, that includes a wooden hairbrush. S... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #492: Lexi Gets a Christmas Spanking For Whining - 10 Minutes
Madison Martin is not ready for the party as she is in her bra and panties trying to fit into her Christmas outfit. Lexi Holland barges in whining about how they will be late and insulting Madison, who is not about to take any more complaints from Lexi. Madison puts Lexi over her knee for a spanking... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #491: Caning For Lexi And Madison - 19 Minutes
Madison Martin and Lexi Holland are in trouble because Lexi threw an unauthorized party and left a mess. So manager Sky Terrapin visits to dish out the punishment. She gives Madison and Lexi 24 strokes each in the nude, leaving each lady rubbing her sore, striped bottom. Then Madison gets 6 extra be... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #490: Jay Spanks Tiana - 8 Minutes
Jay is a big guy who was sent by the landlord to collect the rent from Tiana Irie. As per the apartment complex rules, if Tiana cannot pay the rent, she must accept a spanking. But this one will be coming from the very strong and strict Jay. Tiana is short on rent, so she takes the spanking, which l... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #489: Right Day Spanking - 6 Minutes
The two maids argued about who had the correct day to clean this apartment and Sky Terrapin spanked Dani Synclair because she thought it was her day. But now it turns out that Dani was correct and it is only fair that she can spank Sky. She puts the tall beautiful maid over her knee and even uses th... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #488: Madison Spanks and Paddles Gigi - 9 Minutes
Madison Martin was recently spanked by Gigi Lea for breaking the apartment rules. Now that Gigi has broken one, Madison gets her turn to spank Gigi. She puts her curvy bottomed roommate over her knee for a sound hand spanking, followed by more spanks with the brat paddle. Both ladies now have sore, ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #487: Wrong Day Spanking - 8 Minutes
Dani Synclair and Sky Terrapin both work for the maid service. When they show up to the same apartment to clean, Sky is sure that Dani came on the wrong day. The matter is settled with a sound spanking. Sky has Dani over her knee, spanking that juicy booty with her hand and a wooden spoon.
EPISODE #486: Em Indica Spanks Clare In Kitchen - 12 Minutes
Sexy porn star Em Indica does not like what her cougar roommate Clare Fonda is trying to serve her for dinner. Since Clare has established that when you do something naughty you get spanked, Em decides this is just such an occasion. She puts Clare over her knee for a sound spanking and even uses a w... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #485: Spanking in Costume Room Part 3 - 8 Minutes
In the final chapter of the Halloween trilogy, Lexi Holland finally gets some payback for all of the spankings she has been receiving in the costume room. She gives Madison Martin a spanking over her knee, turning that famous curvy bottom bright red, using her hand and a leather paddle.
EPISODE #484: Spanking in Costume Room Part 2 - 13 Minutes
Lexi Holland was recently spanked by Madison in the costume room where she works. Her bottom is still sore. Her boss, Riley Haze, marches into the room that is still a mess and is angry with Lexi for not getting ready for Halloween fast enough. She wants to fire Lexi, who suggests a hard spanking in... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #483: Spanking In Costume Room Part 1 - 8 Minutes
Lexi Holland had given Madison Martin a spanking at the apartment complex recently and Madison was embarrassed by how many people heard it. So Madison pays a visit to the Halloween costume store where Lexi is working and gives her a payback spanking in the costume storage room. Now Lexi is embarrass... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #482: Strip Spanking - 11 Minutes
Clare Fonda is playing a strip card game and her sexy friend Beverly Snow is losing badly. Finally, after Beverly is naked, the last bet results in Beverly going over the knee of the cougar who spanks her soundly. It does not pay to play with Clare unless you are prepared to have a sore, red bottom... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #481: Time Share Spanking - 11 Minutes
Rachel Adams is selling Time Shares door-to-door at the apartment complex. She tries the wrong apartment when she walks into the one belonging to Yasmine Sinclair. Yasmine has a different kind of pitch. She decides to listen to Rachel only when she is over her knee receiving a painful spanking.
EPISODE #480: Gigi Spanks and Paddles Madison - 8 Minutes
Madison Martin is on her phone instead of cleaning the apartment for the party. Her roommate Gigi Lea marches into the room holding a paddle. Even though Madison has an already pink bottom, Gigi turns it a shade of dark red as she spanks that famous curvy bottom and will let all of the party goers s... JOIN FOR MORE