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EPISODE #462: Gigi Spanks Madison Over Rent - 12 Minutes
Madison Martin spanked Gigi Leah recently as she went over her new roommate rules. But Madison is short on rent this month, breaking one of her own rules. So Gigi gets a chance for a revenge spanking, putting Madison over her knee for a hand spanking before finishing it with a nice paddling.
EPISODE #461: Clare Spanked Again - 14 Minutes
Clare Fonda recently spanked Luna and then got spanked by her as well. Now Luna has sent her very strong friend Bella Ink to give Clare yet another longer, harder spanking on her already sore bottom. Bella puts Clare over her knee and turns that famous bottom bright red with her hand and a wooden pa... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #460: Massage Spanking Part 2 - 9 Minutes
Clare Fonda recently spanked her masseuse Luna Leve. Now Luna is looking for some payback. Luna puts Clare over her knee for a sound spanking, even having Clare fetch the wooden brush that bares her name. Then she spanks Clare hard with the brush, leaving Clare kicking and yelping and finally rubbin... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #459: Madison Gets New Roommate - 16 Minutes
Gigi Lea lost her last roommate and needs a new one. Madison Martin could use a new roommate, but only if she can comply with all of her rules. In order for Gigi to be accepted in the role, she will need to take a long, hard spanking from Madison while Gigi reads the rules of compliance. Madison als... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #458: Massage Spanking Part 1 - 8 Minutes
Luna Leve is giving Clare Fonda a massage. But Clare feels that it is not erotic enough. Clare decides to teach Luna a lesson with a sound spanking over her knee. Luna is a cutie with a curvy booty that Clare turns very red. When the spanking is over, Luna has trouble sitting down on her sore bottom... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #457: Constance Spanks Roommate Greasy - 13 Minutes
The very tall Greasy Rose is dominated by her new roommate Constance, who shows exactly who the boss is by putting Rose over her knee for a long spanking and paddling. It is a moderate spanking, but it really makes Rose very sore. In fact it made it difficult for her to sit when the spanking was fin... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #456: Sky Spanks Madison At Home - 9 Minutes
After getting spanked by Snow Mercy, Sky Terrapin is now more dedicated than ever to deliver a sound spanking whenever one is needed. Sky uses this newfound determination to put Madison Martin over her knee in their apartment and deliver a sound spanking to that bouncy bottom. Sky even uses a hairbr... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #455: Snow Spanks Sky - 12 Minutes
Apartment complex administrator Snow Mercy calls Manager Sky Terrpain into her office to scold her about not keeping the tenants in line when it comes to paying rent on time. To demonstrate an effective way of securing rent quickly from late paying tenants, Snow gives Sky a sound spanking over her k... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #454: Cheyenne Spanks Clare - 14 Minutes
Cheyenne Jewel was recently spanked by Clare Fonda for her negative talk about their pet charity. But now when Cheyenne finds errors in their tax info, and Clare tries to dismiss it, it is time for Clare to get spanked. Cheyenne puts Clare over her knee in their tiny office and delivers a very sound... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #453: Madison Spanked At Christmas Party - 12 Minutes
The apartment complex is having a Christmas party. When Lexi Holland catches Madison Martin about to spike the punch bowl, she will keep silent about it, but the cost is that she gets to give Madison a sound spanking over her knee. Madison agrees, and her curvy bottom gets turned bright red by Lexi,... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #452: Cheyene Spanked For Trash Talking - 13 Minutes
Last night Clare Fonda and Cheyenne Jewel went to a bar where Cheyenne was trash talking the new charity they both started. It is an animal rescue charity that features mostly cats and Cheyenne was complaining and saying the focus should be on dogs. Clare will not tolerate this negative talk and giv... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #451: Rose Spanked For Wrecking Car - 12 Minutes
Rose B borrowed the car belonging to Lexi Holland, her new roommate. Not only did she borrow the car without asking permission, she got the car scratched. So Lexi has many good reasons to teach Rose a lesson with a sound spanking and that is exactly what she does. Lexi gives Rose a painful spanking ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #450: Madison Spanks New Roommie Sky - 11 Minutes
Apartment Complex Office Manager Assistant Sky Terrapin finds herself in need of a new place to stay. She hits up Madison Martin about being her roommate. Madison agrees, but only if Sky takes a spanking while reading her apartment rules. Sky takes a sound spanking over the knee, first with hand, th... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #449: Tokyo Gives Pre Wedding Spanking Part 2 - 9 Minutes
Tokyo Lynn was spanked by Clare Fonda when she came to borrow something borrowed or something blue. But now Tokyo gets some revenge by putting Clare over her knee and giving her a spanking of her own, using her hand and a hairbrush. Clare quickly learns that while Tokyo may be tiny, she packs a pain... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #448: Cheyenne Lifts and Spanks Lexi - 9 Minutes
Lexi Holland recently spanked her new roommate Cheyenne Jewel to show her the rules. She quickly learns just how strong Cheyenne is when she picks Lexi up and tosses her over her shoulder and gives her some spanks in that position before putting her over her knee for a long and painful spanking. Che... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #447: Madison Spanks Sky In Office - 13 Minutes
Madison Martin got spanked in the office by Manager Sky Terrapin for being late on her rent. So when Madison finally pays, and Sky loses her rent check, it is time for Sky to get a spanking in the office. It is a long, sound spanking that includes 51 with a wooden paddle on the tight, curvy bottom o... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #446: Pre Wedding Spanking - 10 Minutes
Tokyo Lynn is going to be getting married soon. She visits her neighbor Clare Fonda to ask for something borrowed or blue. Clare thinks it is a bad idea for Tokyo to be getting married. She gives her something black and blue. She gives Tokyo a spanking on her extremely round bottom. Tokyo is feisty... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #445: Lexi Spanks New Rooomie Cheyene - 9 Minutes
Lexi Holland shows her new roommate Cheyenne Jewel just why rent is so cheap at the apartment complex. And that is because roommates are allowed to spank each other whenever it is necessary. And Lexi believes an initiation spanking is in order for Cheyenne, who gets over her knee for a painful spank... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #444: Apricot Spanks Madison In Laundry Room - 9 Minutes
Madison Martin spanked Apricot Pitts recently because she was sure that Apricot broke the washing machine. Turns out that she did not break it, and Madison spanked her for no good reason. Madison is sorry, but that is not good enough for Apricot, who gets some payback by spanking Madison in the laun... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #443: Sage Spanks Clare - 10 Minutes
Sage Pillar got spanked by her new roommate Clare Fonda. Now it is time for Sage to get some revenge. She puts her sexy roommie over her knee and Sage surprises Clare with how hard she can spank for a tiny beauty. She uses her hand, plus a hairbrush to teach Clare a lesson. Both ladies end up with s... JOIN FOR MORE