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EPISODE #314: Mia Gets Revenge - 10 Minutes
Tall goddess Mia Vallis gets a chance for a nice revenge spanking when her roommate Elori Stix breaks a rule. She puts the cute Elori over her knee for a very long and painful spanking to teach her a lesson and let her know who the boss will be in this relationship. Elori squirms and protests but sh... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #313: Kay Spanked in Laundry Room - 8 Minutes
When Kay Richards gets stuck with her arm in the washing machine, she is naked and very vulnerable. Too bad she spanked Addie Juniper the day before because now Addie has the perfect opportunity for revenge. She spanks Kay while she is bent over, then helps her out of the machine only if Kay agrees ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #312: Clare Spanked for Pleasuring Herself in Office - 8 Minutes
When Clare Fonda is pleasuring herself in her office, her boss Ace walks in and sees it. He is not happy. She flirts with him and that only makes it worse. He puts her over his knee for a sound spanking right there in the office, teaching her a lesson about office protocol. Afterwards, it hurts for ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #311: Elori Spanks Mia While She Reads Rules - 7 Minutes
Elori Stix is breaking in new roommate Mia Vailis. Elori explains how Mia must get spanked while reading all about the roommate rules. Reluctantly Mia agrees, thinking that Elori is too small to spank hard. But Mia learns quickly that Elori packs a powerful punch and Mia gets a very red and sore bot... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #310: Natalia Spanks Kay for False Accusation - 15 Minutes
Kay had spanked her roommate Natalia Love for taking her credit card, which Natalia did not do. Kay finds the card and now it is time for Natalia to get some revenge. She puts Kay over her knee for a very long, very painful spanking that is not just with her hand. Natalia uses the dreaded wooden hai... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #309: Ashley Lane Gives a Revenge Spanking - 9 Minutes
Ashley Lane just received a long series of whippings and corporal punishment from her boss at a job that Clare Fonda recommended to her. So when Clare asks how the job is going, Ashley gives a demonstration to Clare exactly what she has been subjected to. She gives Clare a sound spanking right there... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #308: Ashley Lane Punished Hard in the Office - 36 Minutes
Ashley Lane is convinced by her neighbor Clare Fonda to work for a very strict Mr. Ford. Ashley is so desperate for a job that she is willing to accept corporal punishment from the big guy as part of the arrangement. And she makes mistakes quickly on the job and ends up getting caned often and spank... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #307: Kay Spanked by Dixie - 11 Minutes
Kay Richards had already spanked Dixie Comet for the school cheating incident. But now we discover Dixie was innocent and she wants some revenge on Kay. So Kay must go over her knee for a very long, painful spanking with her hand and a hairbrush to even the scales of justice. Both cuties end up with... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #306: Neigbor Samantha Spanks for Loud Noise - 14 Minutes
When Clare Fonda makes too much noise in her apartment, her neighbor Samantha (played by Madame SamanthaB) comes over, curlers and all, to complain. Clare gives her attitude. Big mistake. Samantha puts Clare over her knee and gives her a painful spanking with a spatula, then bends Clare over to puni... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #305: Naughty Model Dria Spanked hard by Mr. Ford - 10 Minutes
Model Dria has been very naughty when it comes to her shoot for Mr. Ford. She showed up an hour late and did not bring any of the clothing items he had asked her to bring. So the big guy puts her over his knee right there in his office for a long, hard, painful spanking on that curvy bottom of hers,... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #304: Kay Spanks the Maid - 12 Minutes
Maddy Marks is the maid who Kay has dress in a sexy costume. If that is not embarrassing enough, Kay spanks Maddy for doing a bad job of cleaning her apartment. Maddy may be taller, but she really needs this job, so while she does protest a great deal, and squirm when Kay brings out the dreaded wood... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #303: Madison Spanked for Slacking - 10 Minutes
Madison Martin meets her roommate Emily Parker in the library where they are supposed to be studying. But Madison went to the beach instead of reading her assignment. When she starts eating chips, Emily loses it and tosses Madison over her knee right there in the library and spanks her first over th... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #302: Joy Luck Spanked for Bad Cooking - 10 Minutes
Nikki Turner gets a new roommate, Joy Luck, who must do the cooking in order to get her rent deal. But when she does a bad job at cooking, she quickly learns how strict Nikki is. Nikki puts Joy over her knee for a long, hard spanking with her hand and a hairbrush. Joy ends up with a sore bottom that... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #301: The Spanking Arrangement - 8 Minutes
Clare Fonda makes an arrangement with her new roommate Apricot Pitts - if she pays less than her half of the rent, Clare can spank her whenever she sees fit, plus maybe fondle her a bit as well. Apricot is desperate for a place to stay so she agrees and Clare gets right to it, spanking Apricot on t... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #300: Madison and Kay Both Get Spanked - 19 Minutes
Kay and Madison both appear in this special long episode 300, both getting hard spankings at the same time, calling each other and talking on the phone while they both explain that while they are no longer roommates, they both still get spanked for having rent issues these past ten years. Kay is spa... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #299: Mr. Ford Spanks Secretary Elori Stix in Office - 10 Minutes
Elori Stix has the new job of being secretary to Mr. Ford. But she quickly learns that when she makes a serious mistake, the punishment is a hard hard spanking over the knee of the big guy. His hand covers both of the curvy cheeks. She turns red and wiggles but cannot get out of this punishment for ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #298: Kay Spanks Natalia for Losing Credit Card - 9 Minutes
Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) cannot find her credit card and she is convinced that her roommate Natalia Love is responsible. So she gives Natalia a sound spanking over her knee, using her hand and a wooden paddle that spells the word "bad." Natalia swears she did not take the card, but that does not... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #297: Babysitter Madison Gets Hard Spanking - 18 Minutes
Clare Fonda has Madison Martin babysit for her. But she did a terrible job and now she will learn a lesson from Clare, who puts her over her knee on the sofa and gives Madison a very, very hard hand spanking on that curvy bottom. She leaves Madison extremely sore, with red welts. Madison cannot sit ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #296: Cherry Gets Payback on Elori - 12 Minutes
Cherry Kitty got spanked by Elori Stix unjustly. Cherry has proof that that Kay did in fact take the rent check back. So now Cherry gets the opportunity to give Elori a long, hard spanking over her knee right there in her office, with her hand and a wooden hairbrush. She leaves Elori sore, with a r... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #295: Kay Spanks Her Classmate - 11 Minutes
Kay Richards copied off of her classmate Dixie. And Kay got in trouble for it. And she blames Dixie. So she puts Dixie over her knee for a very long and painful hand spanking. Dixie squirms and protests, but there is no stopping the angry Kay. When she finishes, Dixie has a super red bottom and grea... JOIN FOR MORE