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EPISODE #104: Mary Jane spanks Lilia - 9 Minutes
Mary Jane meets Lilia for the first time, visiting her because she heard she might have a job opening at her restaurant. But Lilia just hired Missy. Mary Jane doesn't believe her and spanks her really hard with her hand and a hairbrush until Lilia at least loans her some money.
EPISODE #103: Missy and Veronica spanked by Miss Claw and Alexis - 20 Minutes
Alexis bursts into Veronica's apartment and tells her that she MUST take her in as a new roommate. But Veronica has Missy as her roommate now. Alexis spanks Veronica (hand and hairbrush) until she calls Missy to let her know she can't be her roommate anymore. Missy gets the call while taking actin... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #102: Madison and Tawny wrestle and spank - 12 Minutes
When Tawny catches Madison practicing her dance moves in the alley outside of her office, Tawny threatens to tell Madison's boss unless she lets her spank her. Madison refuses and then the two wrestle and spank each other.
EPISODE #101: Kay and Ashley wrestle and spank - 14 Minutes
Kay and Ashley are working out when they begin to argue about how their relationship has turned out. First, they begin smacking each other's bottoms playfully. Then it becomes war. They wrestle and spank each other harder and harder with hands and even hairbrush. It leads to some kissing, but Kay is... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #100: Lilia Spanks Missy the Waitress - 12 Minutes
Veronica sent her roommate Missy to see Lilia Spinoza, who is looking to hire someone. Missy thinks it is for an acting job. But it is waitress work at Cleopatra's, an Egyptian styled restaurant. Lilia spanks Missy until she agrees to put on the waitress uniform and take the job. And because Missy w... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #99: Madison Spanks & Paddles Sinthia - 8 Minutes
Madison was spanked and paddled by Sinthia (played by Sinn Sage) not too long ago, and she has been waiting for her chance for revenge. Madison storms into Sinthia's office and overpowers the smaller woman, throwing her over her knee and spanking her, then paddling her.
EPISODE #98: Sierra and Kay spank each other - 8 Minutes
Sierra was trying to move out on her sugar-mamma Clare, but Kay helped to track her down. Kay spanks Sierra to convince her to stay with Clare. But Sierra finally agrees, only if she can spank Kay.
EPISODE #97: Madison spanks and paddles Tawny - 10 Minutes
Madison's teaching assistant Tawny has marked her absent from yesterday's class. But Madison was there. Tawny will not change the absense, until she gets some motivation from Madison, who overpowers her, throwning Tawny over her knee for a hard spanking. Then she bends her over for 30 more with a wo... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #96: Missy and Veronica's New Years Spankings - 18 Minutes
Missy meets her new roommate Veronica on New Year's Eve, as arranged by Missy's sister Chloe.. Veronica had asked Missy to bring New Year's decorations, which she forgot. So Veronica shows Missy how things are done here, putting Missy over her knee for a sound spanking. When Veronica breaks a New Ye... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #95: Chloe's Christmas Spanking - 10 Minutes
When Chloe's boss discovers that she hasn't fulfilled her company Christmas party decoration obligations, he decides she needs a good reminder of what happens when she slacks off. She gets a sound, over-the-knee bare bottom spanking. Stever Fuller delivers a hard spanking, turning Chloe's bottom a f... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #94: Kay gets revenge on Clare - 14 Minutes
When Clare asks Kay to help her find Sierra, who possibly ran away, Kay agrees only if Clare agrees to let Kay spank her much like Clare spanked Kay recently. So it is over the knee on Clare's jeans covered bottoms, then on the panties, then a bare bottom spanking, capped off by some whacks with the... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #93: Madison punished by Mark - 10 Minutes
Madison is in trouble with her boyfriend Mark again. She is visiting him at his office and he spanks and paddles her in front of his assistant Cynthia. Madison is humiliated and in great pain, but maybe she will learn her lesson this time.
EPISODE #92: Clare paddles and spanks Kay - 18 Minutes
Kay had played a prank on Clare by making spanking noises that Sierra could hear, and it led to Clare spanking Sierra in a previous episode of the spanking soap opera. Now it is time for Clare's revenge. Clare spanks Kay hard over her tight jeans, then spanks her bare bottom, then paddles Kay with a... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #91: Chloe and Kailee's Halloween Spankoff - 6 Minutes
Kailee and Chloe fight over who gets to wear the devil's costume for Halloween. They wrestle and spank each other until the strongest of the two finally wins the battle and gets to wear the devil's costume. Which will it be? Who spanks harder? And will it really be the end of the spankoff?
EPISODE #90: Madison and Mary Jane spank each other - 32 Minutes
Mary Jane complains to Madison about how Kay had spanked her. But when Madison learns that Mary Jane has no rent money, she gives her a long, hard spanking, finishing it off with a paddle. But Mary Jane gets a chance for payback. Spanking Soap Opera's first episode with these two lovely round bottom... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #89: Mary Jane meets Kay - 28 Minutes
Mary Jane arrives withtout notice to ask her cousin Madison if she can stay at her apartment. She is here to become a model. She walks in without knocking and discovers a naked Kay doing dishes. Kay decides to teach Mary Jane how things are done around here and spanks her hard for barging in, spanki... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #88: Clare spanks Sierra Salem - 14 Minutes
Spanking Star Sierra Salem joins the spanking soap opera, playing Clare's new roommie, who Clare has introduced to everyone in the apartment complex as her "neice." Well, when Sierra hears spanking sounds coming from the apartment below (Madison spanking Kay), she starts whining to Clare, who will h... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #87: Office and prison spankfest - 28 Minutes
Medical patient Susan complains to office manager Layla that her bill was screwed up. She demands satisfcation. Layla calls Kay into her office and they decide it is Layla's fault so Susan and Kay begin spanking Layla. But then it could be Susan's mistake, so they spank Susan, then Kay. This goes on... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #86: Punishment for borrowing Chloe's car - 12 Minutes
Madison and Nicole try to sneak Chloe's car keys. She catches them and allows them to borrow her car if they will submit to a spanking. They do, so Chloe first puts them over her knee for a hand spanking, then bends them over to take some hard whacks with a wooden spoon. Nicole puts frozen pees on h... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #85: Schoolgirl Spankings - 16 Minutes
Alicia is Clare's neighbor at the apartment complex. She also teaches at an all girls school where the girls have been misbehaving. Clare urges Alicia to have the girls spank each other to learn a lesson. She does and it is a mass spankfest with many girls spanking each other. When Alicia loses her ... JOIN FOR MORE