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EPISODE #354: Madison Spanks Kay - 7 Minutes
Madison Martin was spanked recently for problems in school. She blames Kay Richards for tattling. So she marches into the living room, puts Kay over her knee, and gives her a painful hand spanking that turns that bottom bright red. She then sends Kay into the corner, to rub her sore bottom and refle... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #353: Kay Spanks Her New Roommate - 13 Minutes
Apartment complex officer Manager Dria moves in with Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane). But she quickly learns that Kay spanks her new roommates while they read the rules of being her roommate. Not only does Kay use her hand on that curvy bottom while Dria tries to read the rules out loud, but Kay brings... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #352: Koki Gets Caned - 31 Minutes
Koko Kitten takes an office job with a very strict Mr. Ford. When she messes up for the first time, she accepts a caning and paddling rather then getting fired. But when she messes up again, the discipline level increases and she is punished with a prison cane. Koko is left sore and sorry and promis... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #351: Maddy Spanks Kay - 13 Minutes
Kay Richards gets in trouble for having disciplined her new maid for no good reason. The head of the Maid Service Maddy Marks is visiting Kay when she calls her out of it. Maddy puts Kay over her knee and gives her a long, hard spanking to teach her a lesson. Maddy uses her hand and a leather paddle... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #350: Bart Spanks Clare - 9 Minutes
Bart is the dad of Anastasia, who is currently roommate to Clare Fonda. Clare has spanked Anastasia and Bart is not happy about it. So he storms into her place and puts Clare over his knee for a painful spanking. He even uses a paddle to drive home the lesson. When he is finished, Clare is made to g... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #349: Kay Spanks Receptionist - 10 Minutes
Kay Richards goes into the office at the water department to complain about her bill. The receptionist (played by Rebecca Vanguard) is very bratty and not very helpful. Well, she quickly learns that Kay means business as she ends up over her knee for a long and painful spanking that convinces her th... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #348: Veronica Spanks Dria - 13 Minutes
Apartment Complex Manager Dria pops in unannounced to the home of Veronica Ricci, who is not pleased. When Dria starts making demands, Veronica decides to teach Dria a lesson using the trusted method in this apartment complex, she puts Dria over her knee for a very long and painful spanking, using h... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #347: Andy Moon Spanked In Office - 8 Minutes
Andy Moon shows up to her shoot with Mr. Ford 90 mins. late and wearing only a thong. She did not read his email about what outfits to wear. The big guy is very upset and decides to teach Andy a lesson by putting her over his knee for a very painful spanking. Her bottom turns bright red and she is v... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #346: Kay Gets Revenge on Maddy - 11 Minutes
Kay Richards is still sore from being spanked by Maddy Marks in her office. But she has something on Maddy now, and will not leave her office until Maddy gets a spanking too. Kay puts Maddy over her knee for a long, sound spanking, using her hand and a leather paddle. When it is over, it hurts for M... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #345: Bella Rolland Spanks Elori - 8 Minutes
Bella Rolland was tired of getting spanked by Elori Stix, so she tossed the much smaller lady to the floor. And now she pulls Elori over her knee to give her a spanking of her own. It is a very painful spanking that runs that bottom bright red. Bella even pulls out the dreaded wooden bath brush to d... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #344: Madison Spanked Over Rent Again - 8 Minutes
Madison Martin has spanked a number of times for being late with her portion of the rent. Yet she is at it again. When she misses this time, roommate Emily Parker puts her over her knee for a painful spanking on her short-shorts, then bare bottom. She finishes with 10 good whacks with the wooden bat... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #343: Kay Gets Caned - 19 Minutes
Mr. Ford hired Kay Richards to be his assistant (this was a custom request). He is very stern with her and when she is late and makes excuses he gives her an option - get fired or take a caning. She needs this job desperately so she goes through a long series punishments and humiliation which includ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #342: Bella Rolland Spanked in Lingerie - 8 Minutes
Elori Stix and new roommate Bella Rolland are having a lingerie party. But Bella forgot to invite the guests. So as per the rules of the apartment complex, Elori gives her much taller roommate a sound spanking. Bella gets on all fours and Elori straddle her while give her juicy booty a spanking, unt... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #341: Anastasi Spanks Clare - 6 Minutes
Clare Fonda had spanked her sexy new roommate Anastasia Rose in the kitchen and now it is only fair that Anastasia get a chance for some payback. She puts Clare over her knee for a stinging spanking in which she breaks a rubber spatula over that bottom then switches to a wooden spatula which hurts e... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #340: Kay Spanks New Office Lady - 16 Minutes
Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) marches into the office at the apartment complex and scolds new Office Girl Dria for not showing up to the apartment complex meeting. Dria does not take things seriously enough, so Kay decides to teach her a lesson with some serious discipline. She puts Dria over her kne... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #339: Clare Spanks Her Sexy New Roommate - 8 Minutes
Clare Fonda has a new roommate and this time it is the sexy, petite (but with bubble-butt) Anastasia Rose. Clare has certain expectations for their relationship, and when Anastasia resists, Clare puts her over her knee in the kitchen and gives Anastasia and painful spanking on her bare bottom with h... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #338: Luci Spanked For Rent Problems - 12 Minutes
Luci Lovett is on the phone bragging about how she can get away with paying the rent late when Landlady Miss Elizabeth walks in. She is not impressed. And when Luci shows a very bad attitude the very stern Miss Elizabeth takes care of business with a sound spanking followed by some whacks with a lar... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #337: Kay Spanked in Maid Office - 10 Minutes
Maddy Marks runs a maid service and when Kay Richards comes into her office to complain about one of the maids Maddy sent, Maddy has some issues with Kay. First she is not okay with Kay spanking one of her maids plus not paying. So Maddy puts Kay over her knee in the office for a sound spanking and ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #336: Aali Spanks Snow - 9 Minutes
Aali Kali is still sore from when her roommate Snow Mercy spanked her. So Aali has an idea for revenge. She gives Snow a shot in the butt. And when Snow gets sleepy, Aali puts her over her knee for a sound spanking, using her hand and a wooden hairbrush. Revenge is sweet and Snow ends up with a ver... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #335: Maddy Spanks Maid Rachel to Tears - 12 Minutes
Rachel Adams makes her debut on this site as a maid who is working for a cleaning agency run by strict Maddy Marks. When Rachel gets a bad report for leaving a mess at a place she was supposed to clean, Maddy gives her bad worker tearful a lesson in strict discipline. Maddy spanks and paddles Rache... JOIN FOR MORE