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EPISODE #292: Kay Spanks Veronica in Volleyball Uniform - 10 Minutes
Kay Richards and Veronica Ricci are preparing for their volleyball game when Kay explains that she might get kicked off the team because she was caught cheating off Veronica in class. Kay is so upset, in fact, that she puts Veronica over her knee for a sound hand spanking, first over her very short... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #291: Cherry Spanked in Office - 10 Minutes
Elori Stix marches into the apartment complex office to complain to new management secretary Cherry that her rent was not covered even though she paid it. Cherry disagrees. But Elori starts spanking Cherry to convince her she is wrong. She even uses a hairbrush to make that bottom extra red and extr... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #290: Bad Mannered Model Spanked Hard - 10 Minutes
Emily Parker is a model who is late to her photo shoot with Mr. Ford. When she makes lame excuses and displays a bad attitude, the big man decides to teach her a lesson. He tosses her over his knee for a very painful spanking that leaves her speckled and kicking. But she does learn that lesson and f... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #289: Mom Spanks Kay For Cheating - 16 Minutes
Kay Richards (aka Kymberly Jane) was caught cheating at school and her mom (played by Snow Mercy in this episode) decides corporal punishment. She spanks Kay over her knee with her heavy hand, turning her bottom bright red and speckled. Kay says this was one of the hardest spankings she ever receive... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #288: Linny Caned in the Office - 36 Minutes
Poor Linny Lace takes a job as the secretary to Mr. Ford. She quickly learns that if she is late, she will receive a hard caning right there in the office. On her bottom, armpits, hands and even her breasts. The punishment continues for more than one day, as she continues to get caned every time she... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #287: Bette Dominates New Roommate Hannah - 11 Minutes
Bette Bondage totally dominates her new roommate Hannah Hunt. First she puts her over her knee and spanks Hannah on her curvy bottom while she reads the roommate rules. Bette uses a leather paddle. Then she straps a bowl of fruit to the mouth of her new roommie, explaining that if anything spills, H... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #286: Kay Spanked By Volleyball Teammate - 12 Minutes
Kay is spanked by her volleyball teammate Veronica Ricci because she is doing so poorly on her tests that she is in danger of getting kicked off the team. Dresses in their sexy short volleyball outfits, Veronica makes sure Kay learns her lesson with a long, sound hand spanking that leaves Kay poor b... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #285: Madison Gets Another New Roommate - 9 Minutes
Madison Martin has yet another new roommate, this time it is the tall, curvy tatted flight attendant Emily Parker, who is surprised that she must go over the knee of Madison if she wants to get this inexpensive apartment. To add to her humiliation she must read the rules while getting spanked, and t... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #284: Sarah Gregory Spanked for Losing Neice - 12 Minutes
The lovely, but bratty Sarah Gregory has lost track of the niece of John Osborne, her landlord. Sarah was supposed to be watching his neice for the day, but lost track of her at the mall. So John puts Sarah over his knee for a very long, very hard spanking, using his heavy hand plus a dreaded leathe... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #283: Kay Spanks Her New Roommate Natalia - 17 Minutes
Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) gets a brand new roommate, Natalia Love, who is very curvy with a nice, big juicy bottom. Kay has her new roommate rules printed out for Natalia, and she puts the young lady over her knee for a very long, hard spanking, and has Natalia read the rules while she spanks her... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #282: Briella Spanks Savannah Fox in Her Bedroom - 9 Minutes
Briella Jaden is tired of sleeping on the sofa and wants a turn using the only bed in the apartment. But roommate Savannah Fox is not cooperating. So Briella uses the influence of a spanking, putting Savannah over her knee for a sound one, using her hand and even a hairbrush and that curvy bottom, t... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #281: Snow Spanks Her Maid for Stealing - 12 Minutes
When Snow Mercy discovers her maid stealing from her, she threatens to turn her in, but Arielle chooses old fashioned discipline instead. Snow puts Arielle over her knee for a long, hard spanking with her hand and a wooden hairbrush. Arielle kicks and yelps as her bottom turns bright red. She will n... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #280: Nude Spanking in the Dining Room - 12 Minutes
Kay Richards walks into the dining room buck naked and finds her friend Addie Juniper wearing all of her clothes, which she borrowed without asking. So Kay strips Addie naked, puts her over her knee and teaches her a valuable lesson about borrowing without permission. Yes, it's a painful spanking th... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #279: Cora Spanked For Making Noise - 15 Minutes
Cora Ora is stomping on the floor, trying to get some ants. Veronica Ricci, who lives in the apartment below Cora, pays her a visit. She teaches Cora not to make noise late at night, but putting her over her knee of a long, painful spanking with her hand and a large leather paddle, turning Cora's ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #278: Madison Spanked For Late Rent Again - 12 Minutes
Madison Martin has been spanked for being late on rent before, but this is the first time by her new roommate AlexH, who is angry and sore from all the spankings Madison has been giving her and is please to get to spank Madison's big booty. So she goes to town on it for a long time, using her hand a... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #277: Mr. Ford Spanks Kay Again - 8 Minutes
Mr. Ford is angry with Kay for spanking her roommate Elori so often, and sometimes without justification. So he teaches her a lesson with a hard spanking of her own. She turns bright red, speckles and kicks until he locks her legs and squirms but she is not getting out of this painful spanking!
EPISODE #276: Cora Gets Revenge Spanking on Chrissy Marie - 12 Minutes
Turns out that Cora Ora was correct, she DID buy that outfit with her own money and didn't steal it (which Chrissy had spanked her for). She finds the receipt. So now it Chrissy Marie who will get spanked. Chrissy gets over Cora's knee for a long spanking that includes hand and hairbrush. And after,... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #275: Life Coach Spanks Madison Again - 11 Minutes
Life Coach Veronica Ricci is mad at Madison because she didn't pay her for services rendered. So she takes it out on Madison's big bottom, putting her over her knee for a sound spanking, using her hand and hairbrush. Madison's bottom jiggles as she learns a lesson - pay people what you owe them. S... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #274: Cora Ora Spanked For Stealing a Dress - 8 Minutes
Chrissy Marie believes her roommate Cora Ora has stolen a dress from the store. She punishes her by putting her over her knee for a spanking, while convincing Cora to return the dress. Cora is sore, and her bottom turns red, but she holds out as long as possible, claiming she is not a thief.
EPISODE #273: Elori Spanks Kay For Being Short on Rent - 13 Minutes
When Kay doesn't have her half of the rent, her roommate Elori Stix gets the chance for a wonderful revenge spanking. She puts her bratty roommate over her knee for a long, hard spanking, with her hand, plus a large wooden rug beater. Kay kicks and protests, but she knows that she has this coming ba... JOIN FOR MORE