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EPISODE #390: Snow Gives Revenge Spanking - 10 Minutes
Stevie Rose had recently spanked her roommate Snow Mercy in exchange for giving her a message she took for her. When Snow realizes the message was not worth a spanking, she puts Stevie over her knee and gives her a spanking of her own, using hand and hairbrush and turning that curvy bottom bright re... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #389: A Spanking For A Message - 10 Minutes
Stevie Rose has an important message that was left for her roommate Snow Mercy. But she will not give her the message unless Snow agrees to take a spanking. Reluctantly, Snow agrees and then Stevie gives her a long, painful spanking over her knee on the sofa, using her stingy hand and wooden hairbru... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #388: Madison Spanked For Being Short On Rent - 8 Minutes
Maybe Madison Martin should have thought about how she is short on her rent before she spanked Dria as part of accepting her as her new roommate. Now Dria has every right so spank Madison for needing to borrow some money to pay the rent. It is a painful over the knee spanking on that famous curvy bo... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #387: Iris Spanks April - 13 Minutes
April Rain is the cousin of Madison Martin. She comes to the apartment, where Iris is living with Madison. Iris insists that she should be able to move in, but Iris does not agree. Iris explains how this is a spanking apartment complex. April does not know what that means, so Iris gives her a demo... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #386: Alex Spanks Clare - 11 Minutes
Alex More finds out that Clare Fonda is not the landlady, as she pretended to be. And Clare had taken her money and even spanked Alex. Now Clare does not have the money to return, so Alex puts Clare over her knee for a long, painful spanking. Alex spanks her bare bottom with her hand and a hairbrush... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #385: Iris Spanked By Madison In Office - 12 Minutes
Madison Martin and Iris go to the apartment complex office to turn in their extension paperwork. But they discover that neither actually filled out the forms. Madison determines that this mistake was made by Iris, so she puts her over her knee for a long and painful spanking, using hand and the drea... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #384: Clare Gives A Trick Spanking - 10 Minutes
Alex More is new to the apartment complex and Clare Fonda tricks Alex into thinking that Clare is the landlord who is there to collect the rent. Alex is not quite ready to pay yet, so Clare shows Alex how things are done here. Which means a spanking over the knee. Clare uses her stingy hand plus a h... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #383: Delilah Day Spanks Harmony - 8 Minutes
Delilah Day and Harmony Rivers move into a 2 bedroom apartment together. Harmony really wants the bigger bed, but Delilah will not give it up. Harmony says she will do anything to get the bigger bed. Thus, she agrees to take a spanking from Delilah, who turns her bottom red and makes sure that it is... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #382: Dria Gets Move In Spanking - 11 Minutes
Dria was kicked out of her apartment arrangement with Kay so she asks Madison Martin if she can move in with her. Madison is reluctant, but agrees only if Dria will take the spanking pledge. So Dria gets over the knee of Madison and takes a long, painful spanking while she reads the rules about the ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #381: Maddy Punishes Snow - 8 Minutes
Since Snow will be letting Maddy sleep in her dungeon for a while, she will have Maddy assist her in her work as a dominatrix. Snow taught Maddy what it was like to be punished in her dungeon. But now she must be sure that Maddy can dish out some punishment, too. So she teaches Maddy how to give a h... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #380: Yoga Pants Spanking - 15 Minutes
Stevie Rose is blasting her music way too loud while she does her workout in her tight yoga pants. Roommate Apricot bursts in, saying how much the neighbors have been complaining. Stevie does not care, so Apricot finds a way to make her care. She puts her over her knee and spanks her on those tight ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #379: Madison Gets Baking Spanking - 9 Minutes
Madison Martin recently spanked her roommate Iris for not making the food for their party. But Madison was supposed to make the dessert. But when she flops on it, Iris gets the chance to give Madison her own spanking in the kitchen. She turns that big, bouncy bottom bright red and Madison kicks and ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #378: Snow Makes Spanking Deal With Maddy - 10 Minutes
Maddy Marks visits Snow Mercy in her dungeon to ask if she can be her new roommate. But Snow already has a roommate, so Maddy asks if she can sleep in the dungeon for a while. Snow agrees, but makes a deal that Maddy will work as her Dominatrix assistant for a while in exchange. She gives Maddy an e... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #377: Kay Gets A Christmas Spanking - 11 Minutes
Kay Richards was supposed to invite all the guests to the Christmas party. But she forget and tries to hide that fact from Dria. But Dria figures it out and gives Kay a spanking she will not soon forget. Both dressed in sexy Christmas costumes, Dria puts the much smaller Kay over her knee and uses a... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #376: The Cooking Disaster - 8 Minutes
Iris was supposed to make pizzas for the party. Her roommate Madison Martin comes in the kitchen to check on the progress. Iris admits she ruined the pizzas and had to throw them out. Madison has no choice but to give Iris a sound spanking for this failure. But Iris is so embarrassed because the par... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #375: Cheerleader Spanked By Dad - 12 Minutes
Mary Jane is a naughty cheerleader in this retro scene. She has been bad and does not feel sorry about it. Until her dad gives her a good old fashioned spanking over his knee. And has her bend over for a few swats with a large, wooden paddle. Then she is very sorry as she rubs her sore, curvy botto... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #374: Kay Spanks Dria For Breaking Rule - 12 Minutes
Kay Richards is upset with her new roommate Dria for breaking one of the rules of the apartment. Dria had a guest stay there without notifying Kay. So now Dria must bend over a chair and receive a sound spanking with a leather paddle. But to really drive the lesson home, Kay finishes the punishment ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #373: The Spanking Deal - 13 Minutes
Apricot Pitts will do anything to watch TV right now. But the TV share time belongs to her roommate Stevie Rose right now. But Stevie is willing to bargain. Apricot needs the TV to do some research for a class, so she is desperate enough to accept that spanking. Stevie puts her over her knee for a l... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #372: Clare Spanked By Neighbor - 13 Minutes
Clare Fonda messes with her neighbor, Mr. Ford, by showing up to his house trying to sell him cookies. He does not find this amusing. He invites her in, where he puts her over his knee for a long and painful spanking with his firm hand. He starts over her school girl uniform, then progresses to her ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #371: Madison Returns - 12 Minutes
Madison Martin had moved away from the apartment complex for about a year. But she is back now and goes to the office where Dria is managing who gets in. Madison is so desperate to return that she accepts a long and painful hand spanking from Dria in order to seal the deal. Madison ends up with a so... JOIN FOR MORE