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EPISODE #191: Ashley Rose Spanked for Being Messy - 4 Minutes
Ashley Rose has been especially messy and not done anything Mr. Ford, her photographer boss, asked her to do. So the big man must teach Ashley a lesson. He puts her over his knee for a stinging hand spanking.
EPISODE #190: Mom Spanks Kay and Rainey - 12 Minutes
Kay's mom comes in to help with the rent and collect what Kay promised her for as long as she need mom's help - a motivational spanking. Kay is humiliated while she gets spanked right in front of her new roommate Rainey Lane. And when Rainey laughs at Kay's misfortune, mom has no choice but to give ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #189: Courtney Goes Crazy On Pandora - 12 Minutes
Courtney Shea has lost her mind. She barges into Pandora Blake's law office and demands justice and a new roommate. Pandora attempts to explain the legal system, but Courtney won't be reasonable. Pandora tries spanking her, but that only makes Courtney even crazier, which drives her to spank Pandora... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #188: Pandora Mediates Courtney & Madison's Spankings - 14 Minutes
Pandora Blake is mediating Madison and Courtney's new agreement to be roommates, which of course includes the two ladies spanking each other. But after both have red, warm bottoms, they decide that it's Panodra's turn. They grab her, drag her to the sofa where they throw her over the back of it and ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #187: Kay Battles Her Mom - 14 Minutes
Kay Richards gets a visit from her mom, who is angry with her and puts her over her knee for a sound spanking. But not before Kay shares the brownies she just made with her. By the time Mom has finished spanking her naughty daughter, she is a little whoozie and vulnerable to Kay's attack. Kay give... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #186: Madison and Pandora Blake Become Roommates - 13 Minutes
Madison's lawyer Pandora Blake has lost her job and needs a place to stay. She visits Madison's apartment and they strike up a deal to be roommates, as long as they can spank each other up front to establish how disagreements will be handled - with spankings and paddlings.
EPISODE #185: Kay's Mom Interviews Lana Lopez - 17 Minutes
Lana Lopez is interviewing with Kay's mom (played by pro domme Mz FionaX) to be Kay's new roommate (mom wants to replace Kay's new roommie). The rent is cheap and it seems too good to be true for Lana, until she learns she must spank Kay when she's bad and is asked to practice on mom. And then Kay's... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #184: Kay Gets a New Roommate - 13 Minutes
Kay gets a new roommate, Rainy Lane, who discovers how Kay breaks in a new roommie - with a good spanking. But Rainey can give a good spanking as well. The spankings happen otk with hand and a cute pink leather paddle.
EPISODE #183: Pandora Moves In - 14 Minutes
Two bouncy bottomed ladies return as Pandora Blake, Madison's lawyer, moves in as her new roommate. Madison is still angry that Pandora lost her case against Kay, so Madison spanks her new roommie over her knee with her hand and a leather paddle. But Pandora is not taking any more guff from Madison... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #182: Kay's Painful Lesson - 12 Minutes
Kay Richards sneaks back into her mom's office only to find her on her hands and knees searching for something under her desk. Kay jumps on this opportunity and starts spanking her mom. Big mistake. Mom puts Kay over her knee for a hard spanking before making Kay search for her missing under her de... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #181: Snow Moves In With Maddy - 18 Minutes
Snow Mercy moves into Maddy Marks' place and they start off on the wrong foot. That leads to Snow putting Maddy over her knee for a sound hand spanking, followed by some whacks with a wooden paddle. Maddy believes turnaround is fair play and she does the same to Snow. Both ladies learn lessons with ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #180: Mother/Daughter Christmas Spanking - 14 Minutes
Kay is supposed to be an elf for Christmas, but she throws a tantrum about it. She didn't learn the elf song and she hates her elf costume. Her mom is not tolerating the bratty behavior. She puts Kay over her knee for a sound spanking with her hand and a wooden paddle until Kay agrees to behave and ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #179: Policewoman Stevie Busts Madison For Noise - 22 Minutes
Madison Martin is dancing up a storm in her apartment, late at night, when Policewoman Stevie pays her a visit. She is going to write Madison a ticket for making too much noise late at night when Madison suggests a spanking instead. Stevie likes the idea and spanks Madison hard to teach her a lesson... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #178: Koko & Ludella Wrestle and Spank - 15 Minutes
Koko Kitten is moving in with Ludella Hahn, as agreed upon. But Koko has really strange ideas on how to change up the apartment. Ludella is not having it. So they begin wrestling and fighting and of course spanking each other to gain dominance in this roommate relationship. Will one win out? Or nei... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #177: Clare Sneaks Into Chloe Love's Apartment - 16 Minutes
Clare sneaks into new girl Chloe Love's apartment while she is on the phone to Kay. Clare pretends to be someone who does maintenance on the building while fishing for a way to get back into the complex she has been banned from. After Clare spanks Chloe, she finds out from calling Kay that Clare isn... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #176: Madison Returns to Pandora's Office - 15 Minutes
Madison Martin returns to Pandora Blake's office to see where her lawyer stands with her case. When Madison discovers she has lost her job, she decides a little motivation is in order, with a spanking and paddling. Pandora has had enough of this spanking business and will teach Madison a lesson of h... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #175: Kay Spanks Mom at Work - 8 Minutes
Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) comes back into her mom's office, where she was recently spanked. She decides it's only fair to teach her mom a lesson. She sits down and tosses some money on the floor. When Kay's mom bends to pick it up, Kay tosses her over her knee and gives her mom a sound spanking. ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #174: Krissy Kage Spanked for Misrepresentation - 11 Minutes
Krissy Kage has misrepresented herself as a model before Mr. Ford had a chance to meet her. So there she is, appearing for a shoot, not claiming an unusual hair color, or any tattoos or piercings. All of which she has. So Mr. Ford decides to teach her a lesson and puts her over his knee for a ver... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #173: Snow Spanks Intruder Lily - 15 Minutes
Snow Mercy returns to her apartment to find a total stranger, Lily, sleeping on her sofa. Snow is increasing annoyed by this young lady who is crashing at her place without an invitation. So like any good resident of this apartment complex, Snow must teach Lily a good lesson with a sound spanking, u... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #172: Legal Spanking - 16 Minutes
Pandora Blake debuts on this site as a slightly incompetent lawyer. Madison seeks out legal advice about getting kicked of her apartment by Kay. Pandora doesn't offer much sound advice, so Madison gives her a sound spanking, with hand and a wooden ruler. When Pandora has had enough, she spanks Madi... JOIN FOR MORE