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EPISODE #214: Snow and Madison Battle Again - 15 Minutes
Madison is going on a spur of the moment trip - just when her rent is due. Her roommate Snow won't be covering for her while she's gone. A spanking is in order for Madison, who isn't known to turn the other cheek. Madison gives Snow a taste of her own medicine and both ladies end up with red, sore b... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #213: Snow Battles Office Manager Alexis Grace - 14 Minutes
Snow Mercy has an issue with her rent check and when she visits the rental office Alexis Grace has no tolerance. The two beauties argue, which ends in a spanking for each. Alexis is wearing sexy nylons and when Snow gets her punishment, it includes a wooden paddle. Rent should never be an issue agai... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #212: Kay's New Boss Pilot Dani Daniels - 15 Minutes
Dani Daniels is a pilot who also happens to be flight attendant Kay's new boss. When Dani confronts Kay after her third offense Kay begs Dani not to fire her, but instead spank her. When Dani warms to this idea, she spanks Kay very hard - so much so that Kay pleads for her to stop and fire her inste... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #211: Sarah Gregory Meets Koko - 17 Minutes
Sarah Gregory is willing to do anything to represent hot new artist Koko Kitten, even take a hard spanking from her in her own office. But she figures out that Koko is not exactly who she claims to be, so a revenge spanking is in order. Two good hand spankings from the two spanking superstars!
EPISODE #210: More Spanking with Kay and Mia - 13 Minutes
Kay (Kymberly Jane) admits that she is dating a female, which doesn't go over well with the very conservative Mia, who puts Kay over her knee of a spanking to teach her a lesson. But when Kay discovers that Mia has been in contact with her gf, it's Mia's turn for a spanking.
EPISODE #209: Paris Kennedy Painful Secretery Job - 23 Minutes
Paris Kennedy gets hired as Mr. Ford's new secretary. When she is extremely late and inefficient, she gets a choice - fired or take discipline. She needs the job so she receives extreme caning, spanking and paddling to keep her job and promises to do better next time. We'll see.
EPISODE #208: Madison Visits Officer Stevie - 19 Minutes
Madison Martin follows Officer Stevie Rose home from an AA meeting. Madison finds Stevie having a drink. She threatens to tell on Stevie unless she submits to a long hard spanking with her hand and a wooden paddle. But Stevie won't take this without dishing some back on Madison's curvy bottom!
EPISODE #207: Messy Dishes - 10 Minutes
Kay is so angry that her roommate Mia Vallis didn't do the dishes on her day to do them, that she pulls Mia right over her knee for a hard hand spanking. When she starts using a wooden spoon, the MUCH larger Mia jumps up and gives Kay an even worse spanking, leaving welts and a wooden spoon mark on ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #206: Luna Vs. Bunny - 8 Minutes
Luna and Bunny Lane argue over whose fault it is they got in trouble with Bettie. They spank each other with hand and pink paddle until they work out their differences and decide the new order of things.
EPISODE #205: Kay's Mom Spanks Elektra Rose - 17 Minutes
Elektra Rose interviews with Kay's mom in an effort to become Kay's new roommate. Fiona explains how Kay must be disciplined by her roommate and asks Elektra to spank her to prove she has what it takes. Housing is tough so Elektra does her best. But when Fiona then spanks Elektra, she makes a run fo... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #204: Late Night Spanking - 11 Minutes
When Snow Mercy practices her piano in the middle of the night, she wakes up her roommate Madison, who marches into the room holding Snow's hairbrush. Madison spanks Snow, as per their roommate contract covering when one of them displays bad behavior. Snow points out how Madison took her brush witho... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #203: Spanking Before Church - 14 Minutes
Mia is making sure Kay is ready for church by having her say a prayer she taught her. When Kay can't get it right, Mia starts spanking her over her long legs while Kay must recite and learn the prayer. But when Mia has trouble with the words herself, she finds herself over Kay's knee for her own spa... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #202: Mr. Ford Spanks Stevie Rose for Wrongful Ticket - 16 Minutes
Stevie Rose is a meter maid who gave Mr. Ford a bogus ticket. She wants to apologize, but she can't really do anything about it. So he takes it out on her backside, spanking her very, very hard with hand and a wooden implement, leaving her red, sore and even crying a little bit. She won't do this ev... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #201: Veronica Leaves the Complex - 15 Minutes
Veronica Ricci got a job as a maid and is leaving the apartment complex. She is tired of all of the spanking that goes on there. Of course Madison is not okay with this and gives Veronica one last spanking over her knee. Maybe Veronica will get in on last spanking on Madison's juicy booty too!
EPISODE #200: Kay and Madison Spanking Reunion - 19 Minutes
For our special 200th episode, Kay and Madison are back together, spanking each other long and hard, with hand and hairbrush. It has been quite a while since they have seen each other and an argument about who their new roommates happen to be currently quickly turns into some painful over-the-knee s... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #199: Bunny and Luna Learn the Rules the Hard Way - 13 Minutes
Bettie Bondage is back to give strict enforcement of the apartment rules. Bunny and Luna broke several of them so they are spanked and paddled over Bettie's knee and bent over the bent, while they read the rules and note what they did wrong and they must promise to never break the rules again. Or e... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #198: Courtney and Persephone At It Again - 11 Minutes
This spanking feud was inspired by an actual event between these two real life roommates, Courtney Shea and Persephone. Courtney spanks Persephone first, but even though she is very, very tiny, Persephone gives Courtney a very stingy spanking right over her knee.
EPISODE #197: Madison Spanked by Mr. Ford in Office - 10 Minutes
Madison continues to make mistakes and her boss has warned her that she would get another spanking if she messed up again. So he puts her over his knee for a hard, painful hand spanking. She apologizes and promises that she won't be bad at the office again.
EPISODE #196: Mia Becomes Kay's New Roommate - 21 Minutes
Kay Richards (aka Kymberly Jane) gets a new roommate in Mia Vallis, who is much taller and stronger than Kay. But Kay lets Mia know the rules with a long over the knee hand spanking. Mia has learned from past experience how to dish out a spanking as well, and she demonstrates this on Kay's bare bot... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #195: Bettie Auditions Two Roommate Candidates - 14 Minutes
Bettie Bondage is auditioning two new roommates, which means giving them all the hard to follow rules. She emphases they will get spankings every time they break a rule and she'll demonstrate now. The two are desperate, so they submit to Bettie's painful spankings. She mostly uses her hand but also ... JOIN FOR MORE