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EPISODE #31: Harmony and Madison in Jail - 17 Minutes
Harmony and Madison end up in jail for fighting. They use a spanking contest to determine who is responsible, spanking each other till one gives in. The loser gets 50 extra whacks with a wooden stick they find in their cell.
EPISODE #30: Kay surprises Alannah - 17 Minutes
Kay visits Alanah as she is about to do a photo session dressed as a sexy tennis model. Kay drugs the large and curvey model and spanks her until she tells where Kay's ex girlfriend's new love interest is hiding. But Alanah finds a way to spank Kay back.
EPISODE #29: Harmony & Madison's Office Fight - 9 Minutes
Harmony and Madison argue over who is to blame for not helping a customer. They begin fighting and then spanking each other and ripping off their clothes until their boss catches them.
EPISODE #28: Amber meets Clare - 13 Minutes
Clare catches Amber spraying the wall. She threatens to turn her in to the police, but Amber will do ANYTHING to prevent that from happening. So Clare marches her up to Amber's room and takes her over her knee and gives her a very sound spanking. But that isn't enough. So she bends her over and give... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #27: Mr. Ford Spanks Abi and Ashli - 13 Minutes
Mr. Ford visits Abigal to give her a check for $500 for modeling. When Ashli finds out about it, she demands that the check be made out to her - since Abi owers her $500. Mr. Ford decides to have a spanking contest to determine who gets the check. He spanks earh girl until one can't take it anymore.... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #26: Homework Pain - 14 Minutes
Kailee has paid her sister Madison to do her homework. And Simone catches them. First she makes Madison spank Kailee over her knee. Then she decides to really teach them a lesson - so she bends them borh over the dining room table and whips them with a riding crop. To add insult to injury, Simone fo... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #25: Kay's Work Interview - 14 Minutes
Kay interviews for Layla Lee to work in a medical office, the job that Clare lined her up with. Layla is not impressed with Kay, but Kay insists that she will do anything to get the job - she even flirts with Layla. Finally, when Layla discovers that Clare has spanked Kay, she decides that Kay will ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #24: Girls Workout - 8 Minutes
Kay and Madison are working out - trying to get into better shape when Kay spanks Madison because she is not taking the workout seriously enough. Kay uses spanking as a motivator and it helps make Madison try harder.
EPISODE #23: Clare's Birthday - 14 Minutes
Clare stops by the girl's place to invite them to a pool party - in honor of Clare's birthday. They give Clare a birthday spanking. After this, the girls confess that Kay has been fired from her watiress job, and Madison had a hand in it. Clare insists that Kay spank Madison for getting her fired - ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #22: Mark Tames Faye - 15 minutes
Mark Johnson manages a nursing home that does business with Madison's insurance company. When his girlfriend Faye comes to visit the office, she is extremely bratty. He warns that he has put up with her nasty attitude far too long. But Faye says "what are you gonna do, spank me?" Well, that is exact... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #21: Meet The Maid - 18 Minutes
Rosario, the new maid, arrives and she can't speak English and she is making things even messier than they were. So Kay attempts to have a little chat with her, which leads to instant frustration. When Rosaro refuses to wear the maid outfit Kay bought for her, Kay spanks her until she agrees to put ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #20: Harmony Busts Ballet Girl - 12 Minutes
Harmony tells Madison to finish her assignment by noon - OR ELSE. As soon as she leaves, Madison changes into a dance outfit and practices ballet in the alley. Harmony catches her and spanks Madison for this offense, making her pose in various ballet positions before putting her over her knee, then ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #19: Ashley Helps Kay Find a Maid - 11 Minutes
Ashley is visiting Kay and she mentions how curious she is about Madison and Kay spanking each other. So Kay shows her what it's like by putting Ashley over her knee and spanking her. When Ashley asks Kay to stop, she won't - because she has issues with Ashley - who is Kay's ex-girlfriend. So she sp... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #18: Kay Is Messy - 6 Minutes
Kay is sitting on her messy bed, when Madison tries to find room to sit on it. She can't - so Madison makes Kay recall the agreement they first made - which is that Kay cleans up or gets spanked. Needless to say, the very messy Kay is getting spanked.
EPISODE #17: Mr. Ford Spanks Kailee - 12 Minutes
Kailee shows up to Mr. Ford's place with a note from her sister Madison. It seems that she had a fight with her sister, giving her a concussion and had to take her to the hosptial. So the note explains that Mr. Ford has Madison's permission to spank Kailee for making her miss this photo assignment. ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #16: Who Dinged Clare's Car? - 14 Minutes
Somebody dinged Clare's car - and the girls share a car, that is parked next to hers, that is the same color as the ding. Neither girl will admit it, so they wrestle and spanking each other to get the other to confess. Then Clare makes them bend over each other and uses the belt until Madison confes... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #15: Lina Canes Madison - 11 Minutes
Madison has forged her rent lease -- she says she's a photography student, but doesn't have a portfolio -- her life isn't too together right now. She's doing too many things and not doing them well enough. Landlady Lina promises that she will straighten Madison out the British way - with a good cani... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #14: Kay is Horny - 9 Minutes
Madison catches Kay pleasuring herself with a vibrator. Madison is upset because she is "not like that" and if they are sharing a bed - there must be no "hanky panky." Knowing what is to come, Kay gets in a few strokes with a belt before Madison bends Kay over and gives her a sound belting, then tak... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #13: Madison Gets Harmony's Ass - 16 Minutes
Madison gets a call from a compnay cutting off their insurance because Harmony never returned their calls. When Madison informs Harmony what happened, Harmony pleads that she "will do anything if Madison won't tell the boss." Of course revenge is what Madison desires most - so she gives Harmony a so... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #12: Clare Pays For Breaking In - 10 Minutes
The girls come home to find Clare on their computer. She "let herself in because she really needed to use a computer. The girls have Clare just where they want her now - in position to get revenge. They put her over Madison's knee and both girls spank her with their hands, and then give Clare 11 wit... JOIN FOR MORE