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EPISODE #264: Elori Spanks Kay for Using Clothes - 11 Minutes
Kay is caught red-handed borrowing Elori's clothes without asking. Which means Elori gets to turn Kay red-bottomed. She puts Kay over her knee for a long, painful spanking, lecturing her about the rules the entire time. She starts with her hand, but then uses a giant tennis paddle, which really driv... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #263: Cop Stevie Spanked for Writing Tickets - 9 Minutes
Stevie Rose is a cop who lives in the apartment complex and likes to write ridiculous tickets like the jaywalking tickets she wrote to Kay and Elori. Mr. Ford is going to see that Stevie stops writing petty tickets by giving her a sound, over-the-knee spanking with his giant, powerful hand and a woo... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #262: Life Coach Spankfest - 20 Minutes
When Madison Martin and her friend Alaina Fox visit life coach Veronica Ricci, she quickly demonstrates how she uses spanking as a motivational tool. Veronica ends up spanking both ladies in her office, and even gets them to spank each other. Until the ladies turn on their coach, deciding she has go... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #261: Kay Teaches Elori How to Be Her New Roommate - 10 Minutes
Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) has yet another new roommate, this time it's her friend, cute little Elori Stix. Kay teaches her new roommie all about the rules, putting her over her knee and spanking and paddling her to reinforce them. Poor little Elori's big curvy bottom gets bright red and sore whil... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #260: Clare's New Roommate Spanks Her - 11 Minutes
Clare Fonda has a new roommate, Kira. And when Clare starts to fondle and grope her, there is a dispute about what exactly a "roommate" must or must not do. So Kira clarifies what she will do by putting Clare over her knee for a firm spanking. She starts over those tight Clare yoga pants, using her ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #259: AlexH Gets Revenge Spanking on Madison - 11 Minutes
AlexH gets the opportunity to get revenge on her new roommate and puts the big bottomed Madison Martin over her knee for a long hand spanking, turning her red. This is the first time AlexH ever has given a spanking, but she is a natural, getting stronger and stronger as she gets carried away on gett... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #258: Harley Spanks Kay in the Kitchen - 16 Minutes
Kay is especially bratty and has failed to do her kitchen chores, so strict roommate Harley Havik puts Kay over her knee in the kitchen and gives her a very long and hard spanking that gets Kay kicking and hollering and her bottom getting very red and speckled. Harley even breaks a spatula over Kay'... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #257: Savannah Spanks Briella Over Bed - 9 Minutes
Two roommates, one bed, one sofa. Savannah Fox and Briella Jaden fight over who gets the bed and who must take the sofa. This time, Savannah will let Briella get the bed if she agrees to take a long, hard spanking from her new roommate. Briella agrees, but she wasn't aware just how hard Savannah can... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #256: Mandy Muse Spanks Maddy in Her Office - 8 Minutes
Mandy Muse is tired of her cousin Madison Martin spanking her so much, so she gets the chance to get a little revenge and puts Madison over her knee right there in her office, turning her curvy bottom red with a sound spanking, using her hand and a hairbrush. Both girls are left rubbing their sore b... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #255: Kay and Elori Spanked For Jaywalking - 17 Minutes
Officer Stevie Rose is back at it again, this time threatening to give Kay and Elori Stix and ticket for jaywalking unless they take a hard hand spanking from her. She disciplines each girl over her knee, while the other one watches. She even has a mirror so the girl getting spanked gets to witness ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #254: Briella Jaden Spanks New Roommate Savannah Fox - 9 Minutes
Briella Jaden breaks in her new roommate (both ladies make their site debut in this episode) with a sound over-the-knee hand spanking, enforcing the rules of the apartment complex. Savannah's round, juicy bottom turns bright red as she learns the discipline required to rent a room here in the spanki... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #253: Madison Spanks Her Cousin Mandy Muse Again - 9 Minutes
Madison Martin continues to tutor her cousin Mandy Muse in history. But when it is clear that Mandy hasn't been studying and doesn't know her lesson, Madison teaches her a different kind of lesson, putting Mandy over her knee for a painful spanking with hand and hairbrush that leaves Mandy speckled ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #252: Kay Spanks Harley With the Bath Brush - 14 Minutes
Kay's bottom is still sore from being spanked by Mr. Ford because of her roommate Harley's trouble. So Kay (Kymberly Jane) decides to take it out on Harley's bottom. She tosses her over her knee for a long, hard spanking and even breaks out the hard wooden bath brush to drive the lesson him. Harley ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #251: Aunt Snow's Spanking - 10 Minutes
When Snow Mercy takes her niece Amelie's car without asking, she has a chance to get a revenge spanking on her aunt. Amelie was so upset and worried that her car was stolen that she has plenty of pent-up anger that she can take out on her Aunt's bottom, spanking her with hand and a wooden spoon.
EPISODE #250: Mr. Ford Spanks Kay in His Office - 11 Minutes
Mr. Ford is upset with Kay for setting him up to work with Harley. When she storms into his office, he hoists her up over his shoulder, gives her a few hard swats to her backside, then puts her over his knee for a long hard hand spanking that turns her bottom bright red and speckled. She has learned... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #249: Madison Gets a New Roommate - 11 Minutes
Madison Martin gets a new roommate, AlexH, who has an amazing curvy bottom and does her first ever spanking shoot for our sites. Madison has her read the rules of the apartment complex while spanking her hard, and leaves her bright red, speckled and unable to sit down. Alex calls a friend while she ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #248: Harley Havik Spanked by Mr. Ford - 11 Minutes
Harley Havik shows up late to her photo shoot and says all the wrong things. Kay Richards had recommended her, but Harley is a hot mess, so Mr. Ford decides to teach her a lesson with a sound hand spanking over his knee. She kicks and protests, but can't get out of the red bottomed, painful spanking... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #247: Linny's Hard Spanking - 17 Minutes
Veronica Ricci teaches her new roommate Linny Lace that whenever someone messes up in this apartment complex, she gets a spanking. And Veronica delivers a long, hard spanking with her hand and wooden spoon, over her knee, and with Linny bent over. Linny learns her lesson with a very sore, red bottom... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #246: Harley's Revenge - 16 Minutes
Harley Havik was spanked by Kay Richards when she first moved in. She's been waiting for Kay to break one of the rules and when Kay is short on rent, it's time for Kay to get a trip over Harley's knee for a super sound hand spanking that leaves Kay's bottom red, speckled and so sore she can't sit do... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #245: Snow Spanks Her Niece - 11 Minutes
Snow Mercy is letting her big bottomed niece Amelie stay at her apartment for a while. But when Amelie's band makes too much noise, Snow puts the young lady over her knee right in the kitchen for a long, hard spanking. Amelie protests that she is too old for a spanking, but Snow let's her know how d... JOIN FOR MORE